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A range of high quality solutions can be supplied, from a single camera and monitor, to complex systems utilising IP communications and touch screen control. We can provide high resolution cameras offering a range of functions including pan, tilt, zoom, night vision and even remote access via your broadband connection, professionally designed for every environment. Our extensive range of solutions include network cameras, which can be linked together through either existing or new Local Area Networks. An unmatched choice of recording equipment, including Network Video Recorders (NVR’a) and Digital hard disk Video Recorders (DVR’s) completes a range of solutions which can fulfil all your requirements.

Intruder Detection

Security systems designed to meet individual client requirements, for industrial, commercial and retail premises. Utilising PIR's digital motion detection simple contact break and pressure sensitive solutions our intruder solutions integrate completely with our CCTV and Access Control systems to provide a safe and secure environment.

Access Control

Door entry systems from the simplest of key pad access systems to the cutting edge touch screen control with audio/visual verification and access via proximity readers, magnetic card readers and code keypads. Our extensive portfolio of products encompasses both analogue and digital solution, with unlimited flexibility and real user benefits we can offer peace of mind and a safe environment.

Fire Detection

A range of fully compliant equipment can be supplied to meet the requirements of the less complex system. An array of ancillary devices is available including sounder bases and Xenon beacons.

Addressable fire detection systems are employed for most medium and large fire detection requirements. Our range of programmable systems are almost limitless in their flexibility and can be designed and programmed to meet every requirement from a stand alone system to a fully networked site, utilising a fibre optic backbone, interfaced with a state of the art digital voice alarm system and all controlled from a touch screen graphics package. Our flexible design methodology ensures that we design a solution to meet your requirements, not one compromised by the limitations of any type of equipment.

For critical early detection of a fire, we can provide aspiration detection systems. Based upon monitoring the particles in the air, this form of detection has the advantage of being extremely sensitive whilst remaining very stable and resistant to false alarms.

All fire safety systems are required by law to be properly maintained. Our friendly and knowledgeable service support team can fulfill all your statutorily required planned maintenance and call out needs, not only for our own systems, but for most third party systems.

Fire Telephones
We supply a range of fire telephone and fire communication systems ranging from simple analogue systems to hand free digital full duplex systems controlled and monitored by PC.

Public Address and Voice Alarm

Voice Evacuation Systems
Ashdene Security and produce state of the art digitally controlled voice alarm systems. Software configurable and very flexible our voice alarm solutions are suitable for all applications, from retail through to industrial. The use of fully digital monitoring and highly efficient Class D amplifiers not only allows us to offer very powerful systems with a modest battery requirement and small physical footprint, but enables us to "future proof" your system and even offer remote monitoring and fault diagnosis.

Public Address
Whilst voice alarm systems have combined the role of life safety and communications, there still exists a substantial requirement for non life safety public address. Ashdene can provide systems suitable for every level of public address, from a one zone single channel system with a single microphone, to multi-channel systems capable of many simultaneous broadcasts into different zones incorporating telephone access, background music and automatic announcements.  


Induction Loops
In a noisy environment we all find it difficult at times to hear and understand what is said, but, for a person wearing a hearing aid, it can be almost impossible. This is why increased emphasis is being placed on assisting hearing aid users, through installing induction loops in many commercial and public places. The 1995 Disabilities Act introduced legislation requiring the provision of such assistance.

Ashdene have extensive experience of providing induction loop solutions in environments as varied as places of worship, courtrooms and airports.

Counter Loops
In Retail and commercial environments, where the use of counters is widespread, we provide a number of high quality and reliability counter loop solutions, including the provision of portable loop systems.

One drawback associated with the use of Induction loops is the potential compromise of security. By their very nature, induction loops broadcast a general signal and this signal can often be picked up outside its' area of intended reception. The solution is the use of infra-red systems. The requirement for line of sight between listener and emitter array makes infra-red the ideal assisted hearing solution where security or sensitivity is important.

Conference Systems
Ashdene supply individually designed conference system solutions. These solutions can include voting systems, translation, sound reinforcement and digital evidence recording. The range of systems available encompasses both digital and analogue solutions.


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ashdene's services have been used on national grid cni project, to help commission security products on various sites throughout the uk.

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Enquiries: +44 (0)7711 136330
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